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 Underfloor heating from the manufacturer

We sold more than 450,000 warm floors to families in Russia and CIS countries

LLC " Chuvashteplokabel — is an alloy of high technologies and high-quality materials, multiplied by the high intellectual potential of a team of professionals. The company will always strive to provide Russian families with affordable and high-quality products to bring warmth and comfort to every home!"

About Company  

 Underfloor heating from the manufacturer
 Underfloor heating from the manufacturer

We produce everything ourselves: from the idea to the finished product. The heating cables, the power cords and the finished product.

Our production allows us:

  • use better materials and efficient technologies, not more expensive floor heating;
  • control the quality of each material and each part at all stages of production. Deeply examine the causes of inconsistencies;
  • Constantly improve its production using new developments;


 Underfloor heating from the manufacturer

How we produce best warm floors in the world? This requires efficient technologies, the right materials, and quality control at all stages of production.

Our heating cables are manufactured on German machines from Bosch, the world's leading machine tool manufacturer.

Everything that is purchased for production: cross-linked polyethylene, wire, and PVC plastic is subject to strict quality control. We work only with global suppliers and check each batch of materials.

CHTK is certified annually according to ISO 9001:2008, and products regularly receive awards in competitions.


Think where to start?

start with popular cable warm floors,
or ask a specialist.
'MND-0,5-80 photo
from 31$

Two-core heating mat 160 W/m2

for tiles MND-0.5-75 photo
from 46$

Two-core heating mat 150 W/m2

СНТ-18-108 photo
from 27$

Heating section thin 18 W/m

СНТ-15-99 photo
from 28$

Heating section thin 15 W/m

Set с СН-18-121 photo
from 50$

Heating section kit 18 W/m

СН-15-110 photo
from 43$

Heating section 15 W/m

Set с СНОТ-15-95 photo
from 31$

Single-core thin heating section kit

Heated mat K-50 photo
from 36$

Heated rug K-50

Heated mat K-75 for drying shoes photo
from 45$

Heated rug K-75

Set с СНТ-18-108 photo
from 31$

Set of thin heating section 18 W/m


Why us?


We are the only factory in Russia producing such a huge range of electric cable heating systems for any projects and desires of consumers, we give an extended warranty.

Domestic manufacturer

All products of LLC "Chuvashteplokabel" are manufactured on advanced domestic and German equipment in Cheboksary. Watch the movie!
Watch a movie about the factory Professionalism

Quality control

Quality management ISO 9001,
Certificates of compliance with GOST
and fire safety.
Quality control

Recognized quality

100 best products of Russia,
Honorary badge "For achievements in the field of quality",
Quality badge of the XXI century,
Golden badge for the production of high-quality Russian products.
Recognized quality

Solutions for a comfortable life!

In the catalog and presentations you will find more information about the factory and about the entire range of warm products!
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Underfloor heating from the manufacturer

Electric underfloor heating is a modern space heating solution that creates the ideal temperature to make you feel warm and comfortable from the moment you enter the space.

Modern underfloor heating systems use highly efficient heating sections and reliable control and management systems, which have made them extremely convenient and manageable. The radiators we are used to transfer thermal energy by convection, heating the air directly around the radiator itself to a maximum temperature, as a result of which warm air rises to the ceiling, where it eventually cools down, falling to floor level, where it will again be heated by the radiator, creating a circular flow. air. This leads to the fact that in the end the floor turns out to be the coolest place in the room, and the entire mass of warm air is at the level of the ceiling.

Underfloor heating solves this problem by ensuring that there are no more cold spots and that heat is evenly distributed where it is most needed. This heat is absorbed by surrounding objects, and they, in turn, help heat the entire room. A regular radiator can reach up to 75°C, while an underfloor heating system has a much lower and safer surface temperature in the range of 25-27°C. The airflow is minimal, allowing for a comfortable and even temperature throughout the room. Electric heating systems are considered universal, they are easy to install and easy to use, suitable for operation in apartments, private houses, in rooms for various purposes. At the same time, this system can perform the function of the main heating or additional, and be used both on the entire area of the apartment, and only in certain locations. Do not forget that the operating conditions of individual premises of your housing may differ significantly, for example, a bathroom, kitchen, loggia - here your own microclimate is important, so the temperature requirements are different. Accordingly, the approach to choosing a heating system for each of them should be individual. For each room, a separate system with a separate thermostat is purchased.

Electric underfloor heating comes in a variety of heat outputs, with higher outputs available to provide enough heat in high heat loss areas such as sunrooms. The heat output of an underfloor heating system must be greater than the heat loss in the room or area it is heating in order for the system to provide sufficient heat. Therefore, it is important to carry out a heat loss calculation to ensure that the system is suitable. This can be done by a specialist or heating engineer and will help you find the right heat output for your underfloor heating system. If you are unsure about heat loss, contact us and we will help you choose the right system.

Chuvashteplokabel presents you the highest quality heating systems with a long service life. The uniqueness of our company is that the entire production cycle of cable heating system kits is carried out at our factory - from insulated blanks to ready-to-install cable heating system kits. We offer heating systems of various configurations and configurations ready for installation, which are guaranteed to fit both your project and budget. Electric underfloor heating gives new meaning to comfort. Find the best system for your project, room and floor type.